The Virtual CIO/CTO

how we SAVE you time and money
We Are Your Technology Partner

The Virtual CIO or CTO service is designed to provide leadership and management of your information technology function. We will perform almost any tasks necessary to maintain an exceptional level of technology delivery for your organization. Our expertise and dedication allows you to worry less about technology and focus more on providing your products or services to your clients.

Ideal for organizations with less than 500 employees (or those without IT leadership), the Virtual CIO or CTO offers affordable strategic technology expertise via email, chat, phone, video, or at times in person. We are your IT partner and a valuable member of your team.

Our Methodologies

In support of optimizing your operational processes, the Virtual CIO uses Lean Six Sigma as the primary methodology for leading improvement projects.  We employ a data-driven cycle of define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) in support these business process projects.

Virtual CTO technology and/or project management engagements conform to industry standard processes and procedures for guidelines for these projects. Basic software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and the phases of project management as suggested by the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Book of Knowledge help inform our methodology.

While, we ascribe to these processes and guidelines for the success of our projects, we fully recognize that each business situation presents a unique set of circumstances and adapt accordingly.

Monthly Virtual CIO/CTO

Starting from $500/mo.

*Fees dependent upon organization type, size, and engagement scope. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Prefer 1-on-1 Support or Coaching?

We work directly with individual owners or leaders to help increase your knowledge and comfort with the technology required to improve your business operations. We can work with you on an hourly or monthly basis.

Hourly Virtual CIO/CTO

Starting from $80/hr

*Fees dependent upon organization type and size. Additional terms and conditions apply.